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Vectraset™ Hydraulic Liner Hanger Assembly

No Hidden Weaknesses

The Vectraset hanger is a premium 4.5-in. x 7.0-in. high-load liner hanger/packer for horizontal, vertical, or deviated wells. Hanger design protects slips from damage, and running tool design prevents unplanned release. The robust torque-clutch ring enables rotation during installation.


Key features

  • Robust torque-ring clutch enables liner rotation, push, and pull to get the liner to bottom.
  • Only the running tool is pressurized when setting the hanger to prevent surge forces on the liner and formation and save time and displacement fluid.
  • Unique design prevents premature release of running tool.
  • Eighteen hydraulically-actuated hanger slips distribute load evenly.
  • Hanger cone design keeps slips fully recessed and protected from damage during deployment
  • Primary tool release is hydraulic plus right-hand rotation. Contingency release is mechanical plus right-hand rotation.
  • One-piece, high-strength mandrel; no hidden connections.
  • Mechanically-set, expanding-metal, liner-top packer seal with bonded elastomeric cover that will not swab off
  • Packer seal, hanger cylinder, and tieback seal stem rated to 15,000 psi (103.4 mPa) at 350° F (177° C).
  • Standard 4.5-in. (101.6 mm) XT-39 connections on running tool
  • Large bypass flow area around slips
  • 20-ft (6.1 m) tieback extension is standard. Other lengths are available on request.



An in-depth look at the NCS Multistage Vectraset™ Liner Hanger.  

Available Sizes

  • 4.5-in. (11.6 lb/ft–13.5 lb/ft, and 15.1 lb/ft) x 7.0-in. (23 lb/ft–26 lb/ft)
    114.3-mm (17.26 kg/m–20.09 kg/m, and 22.5 kg/m) x 177.8-mm (34.23 kg/m–38.7 kg/m)
  • 4.5-in. (11.6 lb/ft–13.5 lb/ft, and 15.1 lb/ft) x 7.0-in. (29 lb/ft–32 lb/ft)
    114.3-mm (17.26 kg/m–20.09 kg/m, and 22.5 kg/m) x 177.8-mm (43.2 kg/m–47.6 kg/m)

Dimensions and Ratings

(Note: Specifications for 15.1 lb/ft (22.5 kg/m) hanger mandrel are not shown)
Hanger body maximum OD

7.00-in., 23.00–26.00 lb/ft6.075 in.
177.8-mm, 34.23–38.7 kg/m154.3 mm
7.00-in., 29.00–32.00 lb/ft5.850 in.
177.8-mm, 43.2–47.6 kg/m148.6 mm

Torque @upper-end fingers25,000 lb-ft (33.9 kN-m)
Mandrel API burst strength, L-809,500 psi (65.5 MPa)
Mandrel API burst strength, P11015,420 psi (106.2 MPa)
Mandrel API collapse, L-808,600 psi (59.3 MPa)
Mandrel API collapse, P11014,600 psi (100.6 MPa)
Mandrel tension strength, L-80270,000 lbf (120,096 daN)
Mandrel tension strength, P110424,000 lbf (188,595 daN)