Well Construction | Liner Hangers

Vectraset™ Hydraulic Liner Hanger Assembly

No Hidden Weaknesses

The Vectraset hanger is a premium 4.5-in. x 7.0-in. high-load liner hanger/packer for horizontal, vertical, or deviated wells. 


Key features

  • The one-piece, high-strength mandrel has no hidden connections.
  • Two-step hanger actuation sequence (hydraulic then mechanical) precludes unintentional running tool release.
  • Pressure is contained within the running tool when setting the hanger slips, preventing surge forces on the liner and formation and saving time and displacement fluid.
  • Robust torque-ring clutch and retaining dogs enable rotation and reciprocation during installation.
  • Eighteen hanger slip pads distribute load evenly.
  • Hanger slip pads are fully recessed and protected from damage during hanger deployment
  • The hanger slips are set prior to cementing for maximum reliability (no reliance on plug bumping).
  • The large bypass flow area through the set hanger slips facilitates circulation and cementing.
  • The mechanically set, expanding-metal, liner-top packer has a bonded elastomeric cover that will not swab off during circulation and cementing.
  • The packer seal, hanger cylinder, and tieback seal are rated to 15,000 (103.4 MPa) at 350° F (177° C).
  • A 20-ft (6.1-m) floating-seal tieback receptacle is standard. Other lengths are available on request.



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