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Enhanced Recovery

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Don’t Leave Reserves Behind

At NCS Multistage, we have many solutions to bring wells back to life and improve recovery across your assets.

The headlines are filled with new oil discoveries but the vast portion of remaining oil is held in barrels that have already been discovered yet lie just beyond the reach of normal methods.

Recognizing this potential, we have invested significant capital and research into new and improved ways to execute steam flooding, water flooding, and other recovery activities.

Mobilizing your remaining oil reserves is just the beginning of an ongoing strategy that will help you flatten your natural decline curve and improve the success of your base business.

One Source. Many Solutions.

NCS Multistage offers a variety of solutions for your next enhanced recovery job that will enhance your recovery operations and flatten your natural decline curve.
Terrus™ Water Injection System
Enhanced Recovery

The Terrus™ system combines regulated injection sleeves with hydraulically actuated zone-isolation packers to improve efficiency of waterflooding and sweeping activities.

  • Provides cost-effective, retrofit wellbore segmentation and injection regulation
  • Improves efficiency of waterflooding and sweeping activities
  • Enables individual zone injection and profile management to balance flow
  • Reduces efficiency loss due to short-circuit break-throughs and thief zones
  • Mitigates plugging and issues caused by obstructions
  • Deployed on production tubing inside existing production casing
  • Inner sleeve is positioned using a flow-activated shifting tool
  • Valve is shifted using B shifting tool

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