Unlike plug-and-perf that leaves only a wellbore full of holes, Innovus completions with selective formation access provide well-management options over the life of the well—options that can extend well life, increase recovery, and reduce overall operating costs. The Innovus system is our newest generation of integrated fracturing and production technology.   Read more

10,000+ runs with 99.9+% success rate

The simple and passive AirLock® system facilitates landing casing strings in horizontal wells, at nominal cost and without altering casing and cementing operations.  Read more

To truly optimize a multistage completion design for a given field and formation, you need a systematic completion approach that allows you to make well-to-well comparisons with confidence. You need consistent, repeatable frac delivery plus measured downhole data that helps you better understand the formation, the well, and the stimulation. Read more.

Watch Optimization: Plug & Perf vs NCS Multistage Unlimited Pinpoint Fracturing

NCS Multistage offers the Vectraset™ liner hanger, a premium hydraulic-set hanger/packer for cemented applications. Now available in 4.5-in. x 7.0-in, the hanger system boasts a number of key features, including expanding metal liner-top packer seal and protection against premature release of the running tool. Read more