Well Construction | GoPort Interventionless Toe Sleeves

GoPort Interventionless Toe Sleeves

NCS Multistage GoPortTM sliding sleeves are a simple, sure way to
achieve initial formation access for any completion. There are two versions:

  • GoPort PA: Pressure-actuated; shifts open at a preset pressure
  • GoPort PAT: Same as the PA, but also forms a ball seat on opening to
    accommodate a dissolvable ball, allowing casing to be pressure tested to 100%.

Both versions are self-shifting without intervention, using well pressure acting against
stored atmospheric pressure. After the sleeve opens, you can perform an injection fall-off
test, flush the wellbore to avoid a cleanout run, pump perforating guns, plugs and other
tools to the toe, or execute a first-stage fracture.



  • Eliminate the need for a tubing-conveyed-perforating run
  • Work with all sleeve-type or plug-and-perf completions
  • Full ID with no restrictions and slim OD for easy run-in
  • Compatible with cemented or open-hole completions
  • Compatible with high-density cement
  • Do not interfere with cementing operations
  • Mandrel design matches or exceeds casing string yield and
    torque ratings