Need greater flexibility in planning and executing a water flood scheme over the life of a field asset with commodity markets driving the need for lower cost and simplicity to obtain meaningful economics?


This special-purpose, dual-inner-barrel sleeve can be converted post-frac or post-production to a regulated water-injection mode. The injection barrel is shifted into position across the sleeve ports using a stroker tool deployed on coiled tubing or jointed pipe. Injection regulation is provided by the Torius™ calibrated tortuous flow path, which induces back pressure without relying on small-diameter orifices that are prone to erosion and plugging. In short, this one frac sleeve does it all: (1) gives you the ability to frac the well, (2) allows for normal production, (3) allows the operator to change production schemes in the well such as water zone shut off, (4) when ready the operator can change the well over to an injector well. Really…you can get all that in one sleeve!