Lab Analysis and Reporting

Sample Analysis

Analysis of oil, water and gas samples are performed using high-resolution liquid or gas chromatography-mass spectrometry. These instruments can detect the presence of tracer chemicals at concentrations as low as parts-per-trillion. All sample preparation and analytical processes include additional internal samples to ensure rigorous quality control of our data prior to reporting.

Once samples are received at our laboratories, the normal turnaround time for data from water samples is 2-3 business days. Oil samples typically require 7–10 business days, while natural gas samples typically require 7–14 business days.

Data Analysis

Standard reporting for all NCS tracer diagnostics projects is done using TIBCO Spotfire® Analytics software. Reports are updated on a regular basis by NCS’ team of engineers who provide interpretation summaries during each update. Our engineering team can integrate customer supplied data sets to enhance the tracer data interpretation.