The History of NCS Multistage

NCS Multistage (NCS) is a leading global provider of differentiated products and services that enable oil and gas operators to optimize their assets beginning from initial well construction through completion of the well and subsequent field development. NCS’s technology offering is centered around diagnostics, and it enables optimization and extends the life of the well, thereby bringing impactful solutions to onshore and offshore operators by delivering operational efficiency and productivity improvements.

  • 2006

    Calgary, Alberta

    In 2006, NCS Oilfield Services, a Canadian company located in Calgary, developed a line of coiled-tubing fracturing tools for the coalbed methane gas market. The following year, the company began offering downhole completion tools and services for both unconventional and conventional completions, including an expanded line of coiled-tubing-deployed fracturing tools.

  • 2008

    Mongoose Frac® System

    In 2008, NCS introduced the Mongoose Frac® System to compete with plug-and-perforate and ball-drop-sliding-sleeve technology. The new system, which combined sand-jet perforating with a frac-isolation tool assembly, enabled operators to design and execute completions with pinpoint precision and with no practical limits on the number and placement of stages. By eliminating pump-down plugs and ball seats, which restrict the wellbore, the system also simplified post-completion operations. Also in 2008, NCS was incorporated in the U.S. as NCS Energy Services, with headquarters in Houston, Texas to serve the U.S. market.

  • 2010

    GRIPSHIFT® Sliding Sleeve

    In 2010, NCS introduced a new sliding sleeve (GRIPSHIFT® sliding sleeve) that worked in conjunction with the frac-isolation assembly to further streamline pinpoint completions by eliminating the need for sand-jet perforating. This new system, which was marketed under the Multistage Unlimited® brand, combined controlled pinpoint fracturing with recorded downhole pressures and temperatures to enable operating companies to evaluate and optimize unconventional completions.

  • 2014

    MULTICYCLE® Frac Sleeves

    In 2014, the company introduced MULTICYCLE® frac sleeves, which can be opened and closed repeatedly, giving operators unprecedented flexibility for completing, producing, and recompleting unconventional wells. This technology quickly led to a predominant methodology of SHIFT FRAC CLOSE®, which yielded yet even more control over stimulation design and longevity.  By the end of 2014, more than 76,584 NCS sleeves had been installed, including 3,000 MULTICYCLE® frac sleeves in just the first year of production. In 2014, the company changed its name to NCS Multistage in both the U.S. and Canada to reflect the company’s focus on and market leadership in pinpoint completions.

  • 2017

    Repeat Precision

    2017 was a busy year for NCS Multistage LLC.  In February of 2017, NCS, along with its partner, RJ Machine, launched Repeat Precision, a Joint Venture specializing in providing composite frac plugs and complementary setting tools.  Repeat Precision’s Purple Seal frac plug quickly became recognized in the industry for its reliability, performance, and efficiency in post-stimulation operations.

  • 2017

    Successful IPO

    In April 2017, NCS launched a successful IPO, and it became a publicly-traded company trading on the NASDAQ exchange, thereby continuing to position NCS as the world’s leader in pin-point stimulation services and equipment.

  • 2017

    Spectrum Tracer Services

    In September 2017, NCS acquired Spectrum Tracer Services LLC, thereby expanding its product portfolio to include Tracer Diagnostics, which further added to the Company’s offerings supporting well completions and production. Tracer Diagnostics combined with NCS’s completions offering has allowed NCS to deliver the benefits of pin-point stimulation and control along with early well completion intelligence. This successful technology combination provided a solution that delivers optimization and learning beyond which any other completion method in the industry can provide.

  • 2018

    Purple Seal Express

    In 2018, Repeat Precision launched the Purple Seal Express, a combined disposable setting tool with a Purple Seal plug to help operators maximize safety and improve well completion efficiency.

  • 2018

    North Sea Operations

    In 2018, NCS began to broaden its international footprint. It successfully deployed and stimulated its first MULTICYCLE® sleeve system for a major operator in the North Sea.  In the same year, NCS began work for a second major operator in the North Sea with a similar system.  This NCS completion system executed in the North Sea demonstrated a huge time savings, which made it feasible to complete some fields that had not been considered to be economically feasible earlier. Today, NCS continues to work in the North Sea.

  • 2019

    Global Success

    In 2019, NCS had the following notable successes globally:

    •First Airlock® successfully executed in Xinjiang District in China.
    •Set a record in China with 57 MULTICYCLE® sleeves deployed.
    •100% success rate on a 39 stage Multistage system stimulated 1,631 days after installation in Daqing, China.
    •Was awarded a 7-year Radioactive Tracer contract in the Middle East.
    •Began a Chemical Tracer Diagnostic program in the Middle East (Oman).
    •First Airlock® successfully executed in Saudi Arabia

  • 2020


    In 2020, NCS launched its Innovus™ product platform.  At the time of launch, NCS logged the impressive experience record of:

    • 13,906 wells completed
    • 297,274 staged stimulated
    • 240,750 NCS sleeves stimulated
    • 64,841 SHIFT FRAC CLOSE® Operations
    • 11.2 billion lbs of proppant placed  
    • 6,075 screen-outs managed
  • 2020

    Global Success

    In 2020 reached a milestone with over 10,000 successful Airlock® installations.
    In 2020 NCS has traced over 8,000 wells.
    In 2020 NCS extends Tracer Diagnostics work in Latin America