Reservoir Strategies | Expertise

David Anderson, Technical Director

David Anderson (B.Sc., P.Eng.) oversees all activities within the Reservoir Strategies group and is responsible for its technical direction within NCS Multistage. David was previously a managing partner at Fekete Associates, where he oversaw the development of Fekete’s petroleum engineering software suite. He was also one of the original designers of Fekete’s Rate Transient Analysis software, which is now an industry standard for advanced production data analysis. David has 20 years of experience in the petroleum industry as a reservoir engineer, and is a recognized expert in the area of well performance analysis. He has authored numerous papers on the subject, for which he has been awarded two “Best Presented Paper” awards from the Petroleum Society (both in 2005). He also received SPE’s Outstanding Young Professional Award for the Rocky Mountain Region in 2008. He has lectured and presented industry courses all over the world. David served on the SPE Calgary Section board during 2005-2007 as Director for the Young Professionals Initiative, and currently serves on SPE’s Reservoir Description and Dynamics Advisory Committee. He is also an SPE Distinguished Lecturer (2014-2015).


John Thompson, Director, Business Development

John Thompson (M.Sc., P.Eng.) is a subject-matter expert in Rate Transient Analysis, with a specialization in shale well production data interpretation. Since 2009, he has analyzed thousands of hydraulically fractured wells, spanning all major shale and tight plays in the U.S., Canada, and Argentina, with a focus on the Wolfcamp, Bone Spring, Eagle Ford, Bakken, Marcellus, Haynesville, Montney, and Vaca Muerta. His work has provided insight into production forecasting, reserves estimation, well spacing optimization, completions optimization, stimulation effectiveness evaluation, artificial-lift best practices, well interference identification, considerations for geo-mechanical effects, identifying refrac opportunities, and risk assessment. In recent years, he has authored 12 SPE papers on well performance, while also regularly serving the SPE as a session chair and program committee member for their multinational unconventional resources conferences. He is currently the Calgary Section Chair of the SPE Reservoir Evaluation and Production Optimization Special Interest Group.


Adam Staruiala, Petrophysicist

Adam Staruiala (B.Sc., M.Sc.) contributes geoscientific insight for projects spanning a variety of plays. His primary responsibility is performing log analysis and interpretation, with a focus on low-permeability reservoirs. Adam’s specialization is applying petrophysics, geochemistry and sedimentology to complex geological environments. He has experience in multiple unconventional resource plays and heavy-oil reservoirs. In his work at Taqa North Ltd. as a contract geologist, Adam worked on exploration projects in the Three Forks formations in Montana and North Dakota, making recommendations on drilling opportunities and proposing areas for further evaluation. As a geology and petrophysics consultant at Halliburton, Adam specialized in acoustics and borehole imaging, which included successful work interpreting over 200 wells and petrophysical analysis of formations throughout North America.


Hamid Behmanesh, Production Simulation

Hamid Behmanesh (Ph.D) is best known for his contributions on multi-phase flow considerations for RTA techniques. His work experience includes analytical and numerical modeling of volatile oil and gas-condensate reservoirs, reserves estimation, production-data analysis of conventional and unconventional reservoirs. His primary responsibility at Anderson Thompson is enhanced oil recovery due-diligence studies to support NCS Multistage technology innovation. He is currently focused on the optimization of waterflooding designs for unconventional formations, most notably the Bakken. He holds a PhD in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Calgary and is a prominent member of the SPE, having authored or coauthored more than 30 technical publications.


Chris Alonzo, Reservoir Engineer

Chris Alonzo is a Senior Reservoir Engineer for NCS Multistage. Within the Reservoir Strategies group, Chris leads a technical team of reservoir engineers, geoscientists, and hydraulic-fracturing specialists, who provide strategic & operational support to improve practical and innovative field-development optimization. In addition, Chris consults on financial analysis of emerging plays, existing field projects as well as due diligence for all U.S. unconventional plays. Prior to joining NCS, Chris worked for ConocoPhillips and Argent Energy Trust, leading teams with varied backgrounds including operations, field development and reservoir characterization. He has worked multiple types of plays including tight gas, coalbed methane, conventional oil, and unconventional oil and gas plays. Chris has peer reviewed and evaluated for acquisition multiple unconventional plays across the US; including Bakken, Eagle Ford, Powder River Basin, and Permian Basin. Chris holds a B.S. in Petroleum Engineering from Texas A&M University.