NCS Multistage consolidates its business identities

To unify its business identities for customers and investors, NCS Multistage has reorganized its
various business names, gathering them all under the NCS Multistage corporate banner. The
identity change affects primarily two of the company’s businesses: Spectrum Tracer Services
becomes NCS Multistage Tracer Diagnostics, and Anderson Thompson Reservoir Strategies is
now NCS Multistage Reservoir Strategies.

The company’s core fracturing business becomes NCS Multistage Fracturing Systems. A new
business category—Well Construction—has been added to accommodate the company’s
growing drilling-side offerings, which include the highly successful AirLock casing buoyancy
system, liner hangers, and toe sleeves.

NCS Tracer Diagnostics, founded in 2010 as Spectrum Tracer Services and acquired by NCS in
2017, is the second-largest full-service oilfield tracer company in North America and is currently
expanding its services into South America and the Far East.

Now called NCS Reservoir Strategies, Anderson Thompson was established in 2015 by NCS as a
team of reservoir engineers, geoscientists, and hydraulic fracturing specialists that provides
reservoir characterization and production forecasting services to help operators and investors
improve the performance and profitability of unconventional assets.

Below are the new marketing identities: