INNOVUS™ frac-isolation assembly for pinpoint stimulation

 The Innovus™ frac-isolation assembly is deployed on coiled tubing or a jointed pipe to locate and operate NCS Innovus™ frac sleeves. With more than 10,000 stimulation treatments and countless material and design refinements along the way, this is the most extensively used and most robust pinpoint fracturing technology in the world. Throughout its history, it continuously has set new completion records, and it currently holds the world record for the most sleeves (228) shifted and fraced in a single trip and the world record for the most proppant pumped with a single frac-isolation assembly, i.e.,  (18 million lbs (8,165 tons). No other coiled-tubing fracturing technology is as efficient and reliable in a sand-laden, wellbore environment. NCS’s pinpoint systems have been used at total measured depths up to 23,300 ft (7,102 m) and laterals of as much as 3 miles (4,828 m).