Fracturing Systems | Innovus System

Introducing the Innovus™ Multifunctional Wellbore

Ultimate fracturing control plus life-of-well options for production, remediation, refracturing, and secondary recovery

The Innovus system is the most robust, most reliable, most versatile coiled tubing completion technology in the industry, a product of almost 14,000 completions, more than 257,000 sleeves installed, and countless design and material refinements. New-generation Innovus technology introduces compact MultiCycle frac sleeves with proprietary seal and latch designs, a unique, energized sleeve locator, and a frac sleeve that can be converted from production to regulated water injection with a simple coiled-tubing intervention.


Unlike plug-and-perf completions that leave only a wellbore full of holes, Innovus completions with selective formation access give you ultimate fracturing control plus well-management options over the life of the well—options that can increase production and reduce overall operating costs. Proven life-of-well options include:

  • Shutting off water and other problem zones
  • Production sequencing; e.g., toe section/heel section or alternate stages
  • Selective remediation
  • Selective refracturing
  • Converting wells to waterflood injection


  • Maximizing frac effectiveness: flatten the decline curve
  • High-risk infill completions: protect parent wells
  • Seismically sensitive locations: frac zones out of order
  • Exploration and delineation wells: more reliable benchmarking
  • Widely variable breakdown pressures: achieve consistent treatment along the lateral without costly diverters
  • Nearby water, H2S, or thief zones: control frac growth 


  • Predictable, repeatable frac placement
  • Shift-Frac-Close™ sequence prevents proppant inflow: no sand cleanouts
  • Real-time frac optimization using dead-string pressure
  • Quick screenout clean-up with forward or reverse circulation
  • Fast, accurate sleeve locates even in long laterals
  • Uniform treatment along the lateral, without costly diverters
  • Out-of-sequence fracturing to improve complexity
  • No drillouts


  • Rates to 80 bbl/min (12.7 m3/min)
  • Proppant in a single well: 25 million lb (11,314 t)*
  • Sleeves in a wellbore: 250*
  • TMD: 22,000 ft (6,706 m)*
  • Lateral length: 3 miles (44,828 m)*

*Current record

Compact, high-performance Innovus MultiCycle® frac sleeves

Innovus MultiCycle sleeves provide life-of-well selective formation access thanks to innovative seals and latches. The sleeves are as short as 33 in. (83.8 cm) and do not require pup joints. Extra connections are eliminated, and frac spacing can be as close as 20 ft.



The Innovus Convertible frac sleeve for low-cost regulated water injection

New-drill wells can be stimulated, then converted to regulated waterflood injection with a simple, low-cost intervention. No need to install retrofit tubing, packers, and injection control devices.


Shift 1: Frac/production

Shift 2: Regulated water injection