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NCS Multistage Patents

The following products offered for sale by NCS Multistage are covered by one or more claims of patents and/or patents pending in the U.S. This webpage provides virtual patent marking notice under 35 U.S.C. §287(a). Click patent number to view patent.

Airlock®, Innovus™, Terrus™, and Torius™ are trademarks of NCS Multistage, LLC.

Airlock® casing buoyancy systemUS 9,593,542
US 10,465,445
US 10,883,314
US 10,883,315
US 11,180,958
Further applications pending
INNOVUS™ Convertible Frac Sleeve with TORIUS™ RegulatorUS 8,794,331
US 9,982,512
US 10,344,561
Further applications pending
Terrus™ Injection Sleeve with Torius™ Flow RegulatorPatent pending