Well Construction | Pressure-Actuated Toe Sleeve

Pressure-actuated toe sleeve

The Multistage Unlimited® pressure-actuated toe sleeve is a simple, sure way to achieve initial formation access for multistage completions. The sleeve is opened by increasing pressure to the specified level, after which the sleeve shifts open. You can then perform a pre-frac injection fall-off test, flush the wellbore to facilitate pumping completion tools to the toe, or simply execute the first-stage fracture.


• Run and cemented as part of the casing string
• Works with all sleeve-type or plug-and-perf completions
• Compatible with cemented or open-hole completions
• Compatible with high-density cement
• Eliminates the need for a tubing-conveyed-perforating run
• Mandrel design matches or exceeds casing string yield torque ratings




Casing size, in. / mm4.5 / 114.3
Casing gradeP110
Casing weight, lb / kg11.6 / 17.26
OD, in. / mm5.850 / 148.6
ID, in. / mm3.920 / 99.6
Length, in. / m30.12 / 0.77
Number of flow ports9
Flow port area, in². / cm²5.5 / 35.5
Tensile rating, lb / daN367,000 / 163,250
Torque rating, ft-lb / nM-
Burst strength (abs), psi / MPa13,700 / 94.4
Burst strength (diff), psi / MPa10,690 / 73.7
Collapse strength (abs), psi / MPa15,060 / 103.9
Collapse strength (diff), psi / MPa7,580 / 52.3
Max burst disk rating, psi / MPa9,000 / 62.05