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Why guess, when it costs so little to know?

Low-cost FlowMarkTM tracer service detects and diagnoses early-production wellbore issues

The FlowMark 30-day flow-assurance tracer service delivers valuable insights into well behavior during flow-back and early production, and you can add it to your completion for only $4,950. Then, if well flow is less than expected, you won’t be in the dark about what’s happening downhole. Tracer analysis will verify whether a wellbore blockage is obstructing flow and approximately where it is—knowledge that could save you tens of thousands of dollars—or more. You can also monitor the performance of dissolvable plugs and balls.

Self-deployment keeps the cost low
Our patented, dry-particulate WST® water tracers embed in fractures to deliver more meaningful, longer-lasting results than liquid-form tracers. But that’s not all: they are also easier to dispense than liquid tracers, so you use personnel already at your well site to deploy the stage-specific tracer material during your completion. You save money, and you still get the premium tracer performance and analysis that have made NCS a leader in oilfield tracing.

How the FlowMark service works
The basic FlowMark service gives you up to ten analyzed samples from five well segments over 30 days. The wellbore is divided into segments to facilitate blockage location: the first tracer is added in a stage at or near the toe, and the remaining tracers are added in strategically chosen stages higher up the wellbore. We help with planning—tracer selection, wellbore segmentation, sampling intervals, and more—and give you a detailed proposal. Then, we deliver everything you need to trace your well:

  • Five different WST® dry particulate water tracers
  • Sample containers pre-labeled for your well
  • Instructions for tracer deployment and production sampling

Easy tracer deployment. Just empty the the pre-determined number of bottles of tracer into the blender during each pre-selected stage. Tracer quantity per stage is typically three to five bottles.

Easy production sampling. Collect the samples as close to the wellhead as possible, using the pre-labeled sample bottles. We’ll pick up the samples and ship them to our laboratory for analysis. The first sample starts the 30-day service period.

Detailed test reports. Our laboratory reports present clear, numerical results that make it easy for you to track how different wellbore segments are performing (see report example below). We also include our interpretation of the results.

Customized tracing to meet special requirements
If you wish to add more traced stages or more samples or extend the sampling period, we will modify the basic FlowMark tracer service to meet your objectives, subject to price adjustments. We’re happy to discuss the options with you.

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