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Geothermal Solutions

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Geothermal Solutions

Optimize Geothermal Energy Production

Geothermal operators reach higher by exploring the depth of knowledge that oilfield service companies bring to the renewables marketplace.

Geothermal well completions require control, precision and temperature-resistant tools. NCS Multistage is a world-leading manufacturer of durable, controllable downhole tools.

Additionally, downhole tools and technology from NCS Multistage can be adapted to withstand the high temperatures common to most open-loop geothermal wells.

NCS Multistage is currently supporting geothermal well operators. NCS Multistage energy solutions have been applied in numerous geothermal wells across the globe.

We enjoy partnering with customers to find solutions to problems and invite you to contact us about your next geothermal project. We’re ready to help solve your challenges.

One Source. Many Solutions.

NCS Multistage offers a variety of solutions for your next geothermal project including AirLock® systems, pressure-actuated toe sleeves, and tracer diagnostics.
AirLock® Casing Buoyancy System

Custom AirLock® Casing Buoyancy System messaging / geothermal

Innovus™ Convertible Frac Sleeve
Geothermal Solutions

Custom Innovus™ Convertible Frac Sleeve messaging / geothermal

Innovus™ HD Frac Sleeve
Geothermal Solutions

Custom Innovus™ HD Frac Sleeve messaging / geothermal

Proppex™ Frac Sleeve
Geothermal Solutions

Custom Proppex™ Frac Sleeve messaging / geothermal

Tracer Diagnostics and Data Modeling

Custom Tracer Diagnostics messaging / geothermal