Fracturing Systems | SpotFrac straddle-frac system

SpotFrac straddle-frac system selectively stimulates underperforming intervals and adds new zones

  The Multistage Unlimited SpotFrac™ system is the fast, cost-effective way to remediate older wells by refracing underperforming zones and by adding new frac stages. Deployed on coiled tubing, the system can perforate, isolate, and stimulate multiple stages in a single trip.

Key features

  • Sand-jet perforating quickly adds new stages
  • Single-point injection minimizes fluid and pumping horsepower requirements
  • Frac stack and flow diverter are not required
  • Only straight up/down motion is needed to set/release the bridge plug and to change between perforating and frac modes. No balls to drop or circulate out.
  • Proprietary pressure-equalization system for easy work-string release
  • Tool depth is correlated using the unique one-piece casing collar locator
  • Hydraulic hold-down stabilizes the top of the assembly during operations

Restimulate underperforming fracs

To restimulate existing perforated zones, the isolation assembly is positioned to straddle the target perforations. Coiled tubing weight sets the bridge plug and opens the frac ports. With the zone isolated, the frac is pumped down the coiled tubing. When the frac is away, a pull on the work string equalizes pressures, closes the frac ports, and unsets the bridge plug. The SpotFrac assembly is then moved to the next zone to be stimulated.

Add new zones

New zones can be added quickly and easily using the jet-perf sub. With SpotFrac assembly located at the target zone, before the bridge plug is set, abrasive slurry is pumped down the coiled tubing and through the jet-perforating nozzles. It typically takes 8 to 12 minutes to cut through the casing and cement and into the formation. The bridge plug is then set to isolate the zone, and the frac is performed the same as when restimulating existing zones.

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