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Multistage Unlimited Frac Systems Overview


Casing sleeves with annular fracs

Multistage Unlimited technology is a more efficient and more economical alternative to plug-and-perf and ball-sleeve frac systems. It combines GripShift casing sleeves with a multi-set bridge plug that runs on coiled tubing. The bridge plug isolates the target zone and grips the casing sleeve so that it can be shifted with surface pressure. Fracs are pumped down the coiled tubing/casing annulus.


Casing sleeves with thru-CT frac (Half-Straddle option)

In formations with thin reservoirs and water-bearing zones nearby, it is usually best to complete with a large number of stages and smaller fracs to avoid the water. These smaller fracs—typically 10 bpm or less to control frac growth—can be pumped through the coiled tubing, rather than down the coiled tubing/casing annulus. This system uses casing sleeves and multi-set bridge plug, just like our annular frac system (above) and is called the Half-Straddle option, because it resembles a coiled-tubing straddle with only a lower seal.


Sand-jet perforating with annular fracs

The Multistage Unlimited Mongoose system is the simplest multistage completion technology in the field. It requires no casing sleeves, no perforating guns, and no pumpdown plugs or sand plugs. It uses our exclusive multi-set bridge plug to isolate stages and high-velocity abrasive slurry to cut perforations. Fracs are pumped down the coiled-tubing/casing annulus. The Mongoose system is typically used with cemented completions. Although it requires more time per stage than our Multistage Unlimited casing-sleeve systems, it is a practical option when wells are already cased or when completion economics and design dictate.


Straddle refrac system

The Multistage Unlimited ReFrac™ System is the fast, cost-effective way to restimulate older wells and newer wells that were insufficiently stimulated when completed. It has been proven that plug-and-perf completions do not stimulate all perforation clusters equally—some perforations often are not treated at all. The ReFrac frac-through-coil system isolates and effectively stimulates all the under-performing stages in a well in a single trip.

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