Interventionless toe sleeve expedites multistage completions.

Delayed opening sequence allows an extended casing test before initial injection.




The Multistage Unlimited toe sleeve is the surest, simplest way to achieve initial formation access for multistage completions. The pressure-actuated sleeve incorporates a time-delay mechanism that permits a full casing pressure test before the sleeve opens to the formation. When you pressure up to the casing test pressure, the sleeve-opening sequence automatically begins. Time delay is selectable, from a minimum of 5 minutes to a maximum of 15 minutes. This extended delay allows you to conduct a flat-line pressure test, without approaching casing yield pressure.
After the sleeve opens and injection is established, you can flush the wellbore to facilitate running completion tools to the toe or simply execute the first stage frac.

  • Runs as part of the casing string
  • Works with all sleeve-type or plug-and-perf completions
  • Works with cemented or open-hole completions
  • Eliminates the need for a tubing-conveyed-perforating run
  • Does not interfere with cementing operations. Initiation pressure is set well above cementing pressures
  • Mandrel design matches or exceeds casing string yield torque ratings

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